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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


If you have a question you are not alone. Please check out this list of common questions. If you still have a question please contact us directly.


What about an older dress that’s been in the closet for 10, 15 or 20 years?

We clean and restore gowns of any age. The biggest problem with older gowns is bug damage. Bug damage can be detected by a close inspection looking for small holes in the fabric. Bugs will live on the fabric and lay eggs on the fabric and the larvae also will live on the fabric. There is no restoration for this kind of damage. This is one reason to have a gown cleaned and preserved as soon as possible after use. Yellowing of the fabric and stains can be removed, although this requires extra care and procedures.

How do I know if all of the stains are removed from my dress?

After cleaning pictures of the gown are sent to you for inspection. If you would like more pictures or some clarity we will send you whatever you request. When you are satisfied we then finish off the preservation.

Which stains are removed with your preservation process?

The gown cleaning process is designed to remove all the stains from the dress without causing any damage.  As great care is taken in this step some stains are beyond our control.  We will inform you of any stains that may be a problem before attempting to remove them.  Our experience has shown that 99% of all stains can be removed.

When I purchase your wedding gown preservation kit online, what comes next?

If you are shipping to our plant a UPS label will be sent to you. You will ship the gown to our plant and the 10 point care process begins. If you decide to drop it off yourself the 10 point process will begin upon receipt. If you request a personal pickup our process will begin when it arrives at our plant.

What about my veil, gloves or shawl?

These and other items can be included with your gown at no extra cost if they can fit in the heirloom box. The heirloom box makes a nice place to keep everything of value in one place.

Hoop skirts can be added with an extra charge depending on what you want to be done.

Do you do repairs to my dress?

Small repairs like buttons reattached, loose beads reattached, simple seam repair are done at no extra cost.  Major repairs can be done, but these may incur added expense.  We will call with a quote and you can decide what to do.

What is the exact wedding gown preservation process?

Please review our exclusive 10 point cleaning and preservation process.  We are the most thorough in the industry and adhere to the standards set forth by the DLI(Drycleaning and Laundry Institute) for the care of textiles.

Do you use an acid-free box and acid-free tissue?

All our boxes and tissue paper are 100% acid-free

How long will my wedding gown preservation take?

The process takes about two weeks once the gown has arrived at our plant.  Some gowns that are expecially dirty may require a little longer time.  We have turned some gowns around in a few days because of special circumstances.  We do all the work, so we can meet your special schedule.

What part of my wedding gown will I be able to see when it is returned to me?

The display window shows the bodice area of the dress. The bottom is folded underneath so is not visible. We provide detailed pictures so you know what a great job was done cleaning your gown. Why do you seal the preservation box? There are three reasons to seal the box. 1) Oxygen causing the fabric to yellow over time, so you want to limit the fabric exposure to oxygen. 2) Bugs like to live and fabric as well as lays eggs in the fabric. They will cause small pin holes as they eat through the fabric. 3) Limit the exposure to moisture, mold and mildew spores. The spores will colonize on the fabric and cause permanent damage.

What is your warranty?

We warranty that your gown will not be lost or damaged while in our care. If the gown yellows over time we will re-clean the gown at no additional charge. Simply return it for processing in the original heirloom box. If you remove the gown from the sealed preservation box the warranty is voided.


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