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Lifetime Warranty.

Our 10 point quality cleaning and preservation process ensures your gown will be beautiful for decades to come.

What does the warranty cover?

Your gown is warranted against damage from mildew, bacterial mold, light, moth larva and other insect infestation. Since moisture in the air and insect invasion are the two leading causes of gown destruction and deterioration our exclusive sealed display box prevents this from happening.

The warranty also covers any fabric discoloration – yellowing – and caramelized sugar stains from appearing.


Other companies that allow you to open the display box and handle your gown exposes it possible damage. First, the moisture that is in the air will get into the gown and can cause oxidation in the fabric. Second, the dust, dirt, pollens and bacteria in the air can also get into the fabric of the gown and damage it. And Third, the oil and salts from your hands can damage the fabric.

What does the warranty not cover?

Beads, sequins and glued on items are not covered under the warranty. Since we cannot control the materials or the quality of the materials used by the manufacturers for these beads, sequins or glue – yellowing or aging of these items may occur over time – even when the gown has been properly preserved.

Inspecting Your Gown

Since we provide detailed pictures you will know what a beautiful job was done cleaning your gown. We encourage you to inspect your wedding gown when it arrives. This can be done by opening the shipping box, taking out the outer storage box and the inner wedding gown preservation box. Open the lid of the inner display box. This will expose the windowed preservation box. Your gown will be beautifully displayed on a bust form. This holds the shape of the bust portion of the gown down below the waist. You’ll be able to see just how beautiful your gown is now that it has been properly preserved.

Because the preservation box is sealed for added protection, it means the guarantee is voided if you break the seal to open the box. You don’t want to lose the added benefits of that protection, but you may want to make sure your dress has all of the stains removed and it’s properly cleaned.

So you don’t have to just rely on just our word and our 35+ year family business reputation, the staff is happy to send you actual pictures of your cleaned and pressed dress. Simply include a request for dress pictures – (when you send your dress in to be processed include a sheet of paper with your request) – and the staff will be happy to take several pictures of your dress after it’s been cleaned and email them directly to you. No other company offers this type of service!

The Warranty

If your dress yellows or changes color, if any stains appear simply return your dress to us in the original unopened heirloom box and we will re-process it at no charge.

For Additional Information

Please look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


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